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The Blue Rose Project is highlighted by a song titled “Blue Rose” which was recently co-written and produced to help raise funds for the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies at Arnold Palmer Medical Center in Orlando, Florida.

There is an amazing true story behind this song that inspired the artist, Debra Shaffer, to write the lyrics about her baby daughter, Taryn Maryse. This ultimately led to her singing the song and getting it produced by leading music industry professionals, including a five-time Grammy Award winning producer. Read the Blue Rose Story ยป

“Songs have a life of their own,” Debra says. The Blue Rose song is meant to uplift and inspire others with a message that even though life has its difficulties, there is always hope – and that “Anything’s Possible…” What do you believe? Would you like to make a difference? By donating just $1 – you can help the babies in this wonderful cause. You will also get a Free copy of the beautiful song Blue Rose, which reflects a sparkling, positive spirit you are sure to enjoy!

Please donate to the Blue Rose Project.

This charity holds a special place in our hearts because it directly affects the care of newborn and premature babies with health challenges. These babies are simply trying to thrive, grow strong – and live. With a few simples steps you can donate $1.00 and receive a FREE download of the beautiful song “Blue Rose!”